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Father of the moon chapter three
Father of the moon
Chapter three : a bond
Kagome held on to Sesshomaru for dear life. The large dragon shooting into the sky, and before you knew it they were above the clouds.
She tightened her grip on the small baby in her arms.
Upon being 'ahem' princess lifted onto the dragons back, she was handed her daughter then quickly found the white pelt wrapped around her tiny waist as she was pulled snugly against the black chest plate of Sesshomaru's armor.
And as if her blushing was bad then, she realized that the pelt was apart of him both mentally and physically.
she had received a slight purr when she gently ran her fingers against the side covering the infant.
Rin sat in front of kagome, the dragons reigns in her small hands as she pretended to steer ah and un.
Kagome's blue eyes moved to the two arms that were snuggled around her waist as he held a side of the reigns in each clawed hand.
She dried to focus on the winter clouds and the scenery before her.
The dra
Taming the beast by BeautifuldaisyDA Father of the moon chapter one
Father of the moon.
Chapter one -Birth of a father
The sky poured down through the dark gray clouds.
The sound of the rain pounding against the dark windows of the massive western castle.
The halls empty, the air thick with grief.
Two large wooden doors at the end of the candle lit hallway opened slowly as a servant quickly made her exit.
The west was mourning the loss of a member.
Behind the dark doors was the room of the Lord of the west.
Said lord sat in one of the four chairs in the dark room.
His golden eyes looking down at the new born pup In his arms.
His clawed hand reaching out to caress the small cheek of his sisters pup.
Sesshomaru looked away as the thunder rolled. What was he to do...
In an instant he became and uncle...then just a few moments later...he became a father.
~His sister had fled to his fortress a week prier.
After the unexpected death of her mate she fled her home of 400 years, to the protecting arms of her brother.
She was in such a trau
Father of the moon chapter two
Father of the moon
Chapter two: Birth of a new mother
Kagome lifted the basket from the mud below her. some of their laundry had been left out in the storm last night,  she was now slowly ringing it out as the water drip down her arms.
she looked up to the young girl running through the water puddles, splashing her feet in the mud.
Rin had been stuck inside for 2 days, and she had no problem with letting the little girl run around and have some fun.
She continue to watch the Rin jump up and down in the puddles. Her eyes widening as rin slid into a large puddle of mud, the young girl looking up with really wide eyes, fear written over her face that she would get in trouble. Kagome busted out laughing practically falling on the floor.
Her laughter fading as she noticed a villager running up to her.
"Lady kagome!" He shouted. "the Demon Lord has been seen on the horizon.” he breathed hard.
Kagome turned as a very excited squeal left the little girl who was



DA Stamp - Commissions 004 by tppgraphics

All Commission vary in price from 20 -120 points ;)


Commissions i have and are working on!!
I do 10 a week, If i and you would still like one please message me and i will add you to the list.

#1 -Still open!
#2@jinslover1993- Inuyasha family.
#3 ThunderLionel - Chapter into comic.
#4 kagomeh202 -chapter into comic
#5 still open!
#6 Onisatsu18 -Sesshy kag first time comic
#7 Still open!
#8 @Bluediamondpikachu83- sesy momet with sesshy x kag
#9 @ShadaTHedgehog-The dog and the werewolf chapter into comic.
#10-Still open!

Commissions completed from September 29st-october 6th.


Hey every one!
Good news and bad news...
Good news! We bought our first house yesterday! !! We will be moving in this weekend!
bad news all commissiosns and story updates are on hold until Tuesday of next week. This will give me time to pack, move and unpack lol

Please bare with me!
If beta sends any chapters I will post them but I will not be wtiting/drawing ANY until Tuesday at the earliest! !

Thank you for the support and understanding! !

All About me!


Hi, my name is Beautifuldaisy

I am 23 years old an I am a huge Inuyasha fan.

i use to be Inuyasha/ Kagome but now i am Sesshomaru/ Kagome all the way lol.

I am trying out a new writing style, but i must warn you that i have terrible dyslexia and i sometimes need extra help from my beta Rosekurama4ever! (:jinslover1993: ON DA)
She is awesome!!

Thanks for reading my story's and enjoying my art! And please review!!

My other websites!……


Groups I am In!

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Watch out for story updates and contest!

Message from my beta!Hey, guys. It's Jinslover1993, RoseKurama4Ever on FanFiction. I just want to give you guys a little notice on any distance between chapters of BeautifulDaisy's stories. As you are all aware, Daisy writes the story and I edit them before they get posted. I want you all to know that I do the best I can to keep the updates quick and regular but don't forget that I have a life outside of editing the fanfictions. My own stories and other projects have even taken a backseat because I've been helping Daisy, but that's not a bad thing. Anyway, I work 8 hours a day, then come home and need to eat, shower and clean my apartment as well as take care of my hamster and then when I get paid, I run errands after work or on my days off. I am constantly busy but I try to edit the chapters as quick as I possibly can and send them back to Daisy so that she can post them. I am currently writing chapter 20 of Her Lord, His Miko for Daisy and then I have 2.5 chapters of Forced Romance to work on
Bring you're favorite moments to life!Hey everyone!
So i have been getting amazing feed back about my Sesshy X kags  manga's!
Thank you all for you amazing support!
In an effort to expand my gallery i am now taking manga'a request(!!
 Pick one Moment that you would like to see made into a (short )manga from Sesshomaru and Kagome's relationship!
 It can be anything!
Examples (you are NOT limited to theses ideas!)
first kiss.                        first romantic experience 
First fight.                        the morning after
Birthdays.                        swimming
Funny conversations.    meet-in  in in laws
First date.         
Contest WINNERS!would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest!
and now to the winners!
At first place winning the 

200 points and either one story made into a comic or free commissions for a month (unlimited for 30 days)
Is kagomeh202  with their amazing entry   InuXKag (Contest Entry)     
Congrats ! please send me a note with you choice of second prize!
at second place winning the 
100 points and either one chapter from a story you have written made into a comic or 15 free commissions is ThunderLionel   with their amazing entry Relax, M


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